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Segarati Origin

It is the mark of our products born to the Segarati, a foreshortening of the tall Val Ceno

They contain all the tastes of our beautiful mountains, still uncontaminated,

because done in traditional way, following the times of the nature.

Do you feel like tasting them? you come to find us, you are welcome any time.

Please call us at +39 3460447785



We propose you

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese DOP* Segarati Origin 30 months

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese DOP* Segarati Origin 24 months

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese DOP* Segarati Origin 16-18 months

pieces of + /- 500gr and + /-1kg, Vacuum packed.



You don’t have the opportunity to come? we can send you them, you will find them to house.

We don’t have a shop online yet, therefore if you are interested in our products, we suggest

  • choose the desired products, the quantity of pieces and their weight
  • mail us your list of products :
  • we’ll send you back a summary of your order and price
  • make a bank transfer into our bank account : Azienda Agricola Marenghi Marino 
  • as soon as we receive your transfer, we send you the products through messenger

*DOP = European label for PDO – Protected Designation of Origin